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Can you answer these 4 questions correctly?

  • Should we pay for a pricing survey?
  • Should we promote with social media?
  • Should we apply Lean Startup?
  • Do the above depend on my specific market segment?

If you answer these questions without a deep understanding of your market’s dynamics, you’ll likely make some big mistakes!

Unfortunately, the questions above aren’t the only ones you need to be sure of (see examples of more bad decisions this can help you avoid). There are lots of potential points of failure — but you don’t have to gamble and just take your best guess.

Use this B2B MarketView Diagnostic to ensure you don’t waste time and money on the wrong initiatives. Every B2B market segment deserves customized marketing and innovation. Your optimal approach is minutes away!

man suffering from making bad decisions
Download 'Examples of bad decisions you can avoid' PDF

Examples of bad decisions
this can help you avoid

(PDF download)

B2B MarketView Diagnostic is —

B2B Marketing. Optimized. For your market.

Here are the realities of B2B marketing. First, compared to B2C, your customers probably have more knowledge, interest, objectivity, and foresight... and there are fewer of them. These are great advantages, but are you taking full advantage of these advantages?

Second, each B2B market segment is unique… so copying marketing methods from colleagues or your last job practically guarantees you’ll sub-optimize. This diagnostic changes the game, with market-specific recommendations drawn from a library containing hundreds of possibilities.

Third, you don’t have the time or budget for “trial and error” on each market segment. After completing the diagnostic, you’ll download a customized report view sample)… with recommendations for optimizing your early-stage marketing (understanding customer needs) and late-stage marketing (promoting solutions).

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Optimize both crucial marketing stages:

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(Understand Customer Needs)

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(Promote Solutions for the Needs)

B2B MarketView takes just a few minutes —

Here's how it works

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Step 1

Provide your input Simply answer 17 questions about your target market segment.

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Step 2

Review your B2B Index score This free tool will reveal your engagement potential in your target market segment.

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Step 3

Review your B2B Market Map chart This free tool will show several implications to guide your marketing efforts.

Step 4

Download your B2B MarketView report This free, personalized report will have 15 early-stage and late-stage marketing recommendations... all specific to your market segment.